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Hair makes us beautiful

Dear reader of the article you will learn how to create an image of human hair.

Hair – tube filamentous forms constitute a hair protective coating of the human body. In the culture of the peoples of the world create an image of human hair.

For example, in the slaveholding states (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome) wear long hair have the right to free citizens. Slaves sheared shaved “by zero”, or left them short hair.

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair

Thus, the hairstyle created image of forced (slave) is determined by social status (social status).

Mythology and legends create the characters, the description of which the role is performed hair.

Heroes of the myths and legends of ancient Greece are the Olympian gods. Ruler of Olympus Zeus light – winner Hundred Chapters Tryphon, which he sent back to Tartarus (Hell).

The crowd gathered around the throne of the gods Zeus. Among them, his wife – a beautiful, great Hera. On the shoulders of Hera wave subside golden hair. Here Apollo, beautiful golden-haired God. Warrior Athena, her delicate features. Luxuriant golden hair like a crown cover her head. Mere mortals people imitated the gods in the choice of hairstyles and clothes, making their way in society.

Centuries passed, decades, years. But the role of hair in portraying human highlight its beauty has remained unchanged.

In modern literature, the phrase “girl with pigtails”, gives the reader the image of schoolgirls junior and middle classes of the institution. The phrase “The girl-beauty – long braid” gives an idea of a young girl standing at the threshold of adulthood, as in Russia, young girls braided hair in a long braid.

Your desire to succeed in a career, personal life, inevitably raises the question of conservation hair hairstyle choice, depending on age, social status, place of residence, participation in events, etc.

Modern fashion industry keeps traditions and developing new technologies for creating hairstyles, hair care products and much more.

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