Trendy hairstyles and make-up secrets…

Evening make-up

In place of everyday life always come the holidays and festive evening. And just need to know the secrets of the evening make-up to look amazing on any celebration.

The first and most simple rule – Your skin must be perfectly clean. This will help lotion or tonic. You can also use a special base for make-up, which will make the problem areas invisible.

Evening make-up

Evening make-up

When ready to apply foundation. It is desirable that he was different from the tone of your skin tone. A thicker layer is unacceptable, since the main task is to equalize the face cream. Further work is necessary corrective pencil, which will mask acne pits and vessels. And then, after all the procedures applied powder. It will help to remove the shine and fix the created image.

You can add a blush, they will adjust the final shape of the face.

When applied to the face basis, proceed to the correction of the eyebrows. You need to touch up a pencil in small strokes from the inner to the outer edge.

Eyes – a central place in the form of evening makeup. For evening makeup suitable shade of any color, it is desirable even with glitter. But with all the variety available, should be selected under the shade of the color of your eyes, Ethnicity, and picked up by evening wear. Very successful is the use of eyeliner. Mascara is advisable to use waterproof to ensure maximum comfort. And even false eyelashes are appropriate in the evening make-up. And even a large number of layers of mascara is considered good form. Ideal – three layers on top and two layers on the lower lashes.

A special place is occupied by evening make-up lips. They need to pay special attention, and follow the following tips:
– Under lipstick, apply foundation or powder
– Trace the pencil line of the lips, and then shade the entire surface
– Apply lipstick special brush, remove excess tissue
– Apply an additional layer on top of lipstick
– If you add a drop of gloss on the lips, then they will look more voluminous and sexy

Regarding the choice of lipstick colors, for the evening make-up in this there is no limit. You can use lyuboy- from light pink to bright red.

In general, the image of the evening should be emphasized bright colors in your makeup. It is necessary to take into account that the whole image looked harmoniously: If your clothes are a lot of twinkling crystals, it is not desirable to make-up and hairstyle looker. Otherwise, get the image of a Christmas tree.

Taking into account the type of appearance and wearing the right outfit, then you are guaranteed admiring glances in your address.