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Increase eyes with makeup

To date, there is no such cosmetics that can make your eyes wide open, big, mystical and mysterious smoky. With their help, you can easily achieve a stunning look. Representatives of makeup products have and diversified texture and shades, and if you make it to the skillful hands of masters, it is possible to achieve excellent effect.

The increase in eye

The increase in eye

There are many techniques and tools that visually enhance the eyes, however, they must be used very carefully and do not connect them all together. Or do it pretty neat to have your makeup attracts the eyes and not look cheap and vulgar. It is necessary to correctly assess the structural features of your face and think about what effect you want to achieve an increase in the eye. The eyes may be various shapes, such as round and small, can also be sunken or widely spaced eyes. In various cases it is necessary to use various tools and techniques of applying makeup.

The main component of any eye makeup eyeshadow considered. There is a rule that in all circumstances and always works accurately – dark shadows give more expressive eyes, but visually reduce the eye, bright colors, on the contrary, have the ability to visually increase the eye, but do not give the necessary expressive eyes. The most important thing – you need to find a compromise solution with a combination of well-chosen shadows under your type of appearance with other cosmetics.

Visually enlarge the eyes can be using technology smoky makeup, but it requires great care and caution. Traditionally, this type of makeup is done in gray-brown coal or shades that can easily make the eyes even narrower. However, this technique gives expressiveness, and so you can use absolutely any shades of colors on the condition that there will not be too dark tones.

It is important to correctly and consistently apply the shadows. Light shades are applied to the upper eyelid. According to the lash line swipe darker, but it need not climb on the middle of the length of the eye and focus darker shade at the outer corner. Further, all carefully shade with a special brush. Inner corners is worth noting the maximum light shades can be silver, gold, white or pearl. Appliances smoky makeup visually increase your eyes will open them and darker line on the outer corners of your eyes to make more vivid and will not give them to get lost.