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Types of air conditioners for hair

Today the market offers shoppers a huge range of different air conditioners, and the number and variety of every day is increasing. To avoid confusion and not to be mistaken with the choice, the first thing you need to understand what types of air conditioners are and how they differ from each other.

Types of air conditioners

Types of air conditioners

So, there are 6 main categories (types) of air conditioners and 5 extra. Briefly about some of them.

Balsam conditioner (air conditioning instantaneous)
The most extensive form of air conditioners, but least effective, because the hair is only a small fraction of caring substances. After it is applied only to the hair for 30 seconds – 5 minutes, then rinsed with water. Effective only when used on hair health.

Repairing Hair Mask (Conditioner)
It is also washable, but longer exposure times ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Often it is called “therapeutic” because The main purpose of the mask – to strengthen hair.

Moisturizing Hair Mask
This includes all washable sunscreen for hair, as well as air conditioning for dry and curly hair. The main difference of this category in the maximum content in it humectants, moisturizing and softening components.

The acidifying air conditioning
This conditioning professional series used usually after applying invasive procedures (clarification perm et al.). The main objective of this tool – the normalization of the pH level of the hair.

That is all. On the other forms of air conditioners you learn from other articles of this section. Until next time!