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Spray hair at home

Hairspray – fluid that helps moisturize the hair. It is only necessary to moisturize brittle and dry hair. At home, you can prepare a spray for shine and smoothness, styling, hair strengthening. And each of these funds will be his destiny. Some are used every day, and some 1-2 times a week.

The basis of any spray is a mineral or thermal water. Also need a spray bottle (any).

Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Spray for shine
For its preparation should be mixed with 100 ml of water, 7 drops of essential oils of orange, gialuronka 5 ml 1%, 5 drops of an essential oil of rosemary and ylang and 100 ml cyclomethicone (to improve spray atomization). Ready means used during installation, but not more than three times a week. (more…)

What kind of skin problem of hair you need to know?

Take care of the hair and do not address specific skin hair is not quite reasonable.

The skin hair, as well as other areas of the skin of the body, the function of protecting the human body against the aggression of the external environment. Each cell in the skin goes through a cycle of birth, functioning, death. The complete cycle takes about a month.

Epidermis – the top layer of the skin includes 25-35 cell layers, tightly interconnected. The boundary of the castle. No germs do not penetrate through the skin into the body, provided that: a healthy skin.

Dandruff color

Dandruff color

Place of birth of new skin cells – the bottom layer of the epidermis. After the formation of new cells gradually move to the surface of the epidermis, dehydrated, become horny plates. Reaching the surface of the cells sloughed off, washed with water. Invisible cell renewal process has continuity. (more…)