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Spray hair at home

Hairspray – fluid that helps moisturize the hair. It is only necessary to moisturize brittle and dry hair. At home, you can prepare a spray for shine and smoothness, styling, hair strengthening. And each of these funds will be his destiny. Some are used every day, and some 1-2 times a week.

The basis of any spray is a mineral or thermal water. Also need a spray bottle (any).

Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Spray for shine
For its preparation should be mixed with 100 ml of water, 7 drops of essential oils of orange, gialuronka 5 ml 1%, 5 drops of an essential oil of rosemary and ylang and 100 ml cyclomethicone (to improve spray atomization). Ready means used during installation, but not more than three times a week. (more…)

Hair Dryer

To date, hair dryer is one of the most popular tools for hair styling. The main criteria by which to judge its quality – is: power, light and noise.

Dryer Bosch

Dryer Bosch

So, hair dryer to work quietly, but at the same time the supply air jet must be strong. As for power, then the professional models, it starts with a mark of 1,600 watts. However, for home use this tool to acquire better with less power. Since the regular drying hair very strong hairdryer harms the health of hair, which leads to their increased fragility.

Also, keep the beauty and health of the hair can be, to use the tool in which the heating elements are made of ceramics. After all metal and plastic deprive hair of moisture, which leads to dullness and brittleness. (more…)

Haircut «Knave»

Women’s Classic Cut “Knave” looks great on smooth, shiny and very thick hair. As a rule, she haircuts very young women and girls. There are two ways of laying this hairstyle.

Haircut - Knave

Haircut – Knave

The first – with curled tips and face. This option is ideal for those who want to emphasize the proportionality of an oval face. Stressing the oval face, neck and chin, she gives the woman of mystery and beauty, while hiding the wrong shape of the ears. (more…)

Haircut called «cap»

If a woman wants to look respectable and fashionable at the same time, the haircut “cap” for just such occasions. This haircut so named because it looks like a little cap on the head of a woman.

Haircut - Cap

Haircut – Cap

Mowing is the most versatile because it can be cut almost any woman, no matter what, age, type of face and hair structure. It is especially good for those who by nature curly hair, or at least they wavy permed. Haircut “cap” perfect hide any flaws such as hair thinness or lack of density. Ideal face shape have only a few women, so this hairstyle can hide weaknesses such as massive chin or cheekbones. (more…)

Ideas multilayer women’s haircuts

For women, there is always such a small feature – you always want to change. And if you want to change, then it is necessary to change the hairstyle, and immediately feel like a different person. Today in fashion literally burst layered haircuts. They are a great way to transformation. One of the advantages of such haircuts, their versatility and ability and modification. You can experiment with styling, coloring, you can make it lush, “disheveled” and trendy, or vice versa, in the staff room neatly arranged.

Multilayer haircut

Multilayer haircut

The length of the multilayer haircuts may also be different, so you can pick a single one that is right for you. With a bang as experiments are endless. It is possible to leave, but you can just do the same length as the other strands. (more…)