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Haircut «Garson»

Modern woman in this world often have to fight for a place under the sun. Therefore, the emergence of such a regularity haircuts as “waiter”. This haircut came from France. “Garson” in French means a boy.

Haircut - Garson

Haircut – Garson

Playful boy’s haircut has become, relevant in the twenties of the last century, when, during the emancipation not only became fashionable haircut a boy, but also in the women’s locker room there are many elements of male dress and style. Haircut “Garson” many consider a summer haircut because it emphasizes the benefit features. (more…)

Evening make-up

In place of everyday life always come the holidays and festive evening. And just need to know the secrets of the evening make-up to look amazing on any celebration.

The first and most simple rule – Your skin must be perfectly clean. This will help lotion or tonic. You can also use a special base for make-up, which will make the problem areas invisible.

Evening make-up

Evening make-up

When ready to apply foundation. It is desirable that he was different from the tone of your skin tone. A thicker layer is unacceptable, since the main task is to equalize the face cream. Further work is necessary corrective pencil, which will mask acne pits and vessels. And then, after all the procedures applied powder. It will help to remove the shine and fix the created image. (more…)