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Women at all times sought to look well-groomed and beautiful. However, to achieve such a result often has to sacrifice considerable amount of time, and it is today a bustling time ?! Today we will talk about one of the ways to quickly transfiguration – a curling curls using curler.

Curlers - soft curlers

Curlers – soft curlers

Curlers – a kind of soft curlers. Previously, they were made from pieces of cloth, well, today this no longer need, as there are as soft, but stronger and more durable materials: rubber and foam. By the way, thanks to its soft curlers and loved the fair sex, because unlike conventional curlers with them very comfortable to sleep, they practically do not interfere. (more…)

Haircut hot scissors

Haircut hot scissors – a procedure that allows for a long time solves the problem of split ends, because at the time of such a haircut at the tips of the hair scales are sealed, so that the hairs remain in all the nutrients and moisture. After conducting several such procedures hair structure is restored completely, and the hair returns elasticity, smoothness and healthy shine.

Haircut hot scissors

Haircut hot scissors

This haircut is done on dry hair as follows: thin strands of hair are taken and twisted into flagella, then specialist sheared all split ends sticking out over their entire length, because the hair is broken and at the tips, and in the middle. (more…)