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Curling Hair

Many men simply adore when their second halves long, well arranged, with a healthy shine. And at the same time, they believe that the luxury of nature endowed girls, and they do nothing for did not. But this statement is totally wrong, because healthy, silky and flowing hair – is the result of constant and daily care.

A set of hair straighteners

A set of hair straighteners

To create perfect hairstyles for perfect hair requires special devices: hair iron and curling irons. Curling has long since there are in the arsenal of professional hairdressers, and at home in most women they are too. (more…)

Haircuts for long hair

Long hair is a sign of beauty, grooming and above all – health.

One of the trendiest long hairstyles is the stage at which the hair of different lengths go from short hair (on the top) for long. This hairstyle can be asymmetric or smooth, straight or slanting bangs, smooth or volume.

Long hairstyle

Long hairstyle

Always relevant is the haircut and “ladder” in which short strands are moving into long. It is suitable for long and straight hair, but not very good looks at the unruly, frizzy. This hairstyle gives the hair volume, easy to install both in everyday and in the evening (holiday) hairstyle. (more…)

Haircut «Gavroche»

Haircut “Gavroche” comes from haircuts “tennis”. In the sixties, it was the most colorful hairstyle. Today, the fashion of the last century gradually returns their lost positions. This is an interesting and original haircut, which is considered to be the base for any hairstyle, suitable for any type of face, hair density and length.

Haircut - Gavroche

Haircut – Gavroche

The distinguishing feature of this hairstyle – in the back of the hair remains long, and in front, on the top and sides are cut short. The hair can be combed while ago, do parting with any party bangs always emphasize the individuality of women. Very fashionable today haircut with side parting, especially if the woman thick straight hair. (more…)

Ideas multilayer women’s haircuts

For women, there is always such a small feature – you always want to change. And if you want to change, then it is necessary to change the hairstyle, and immediately feel like a different person. Today in fashion literally burst layered haircuts. They are a great way to transformation. One of the advantages of such haircuts, their versatility and ability and modification. You can experiment with styling, coloring, you can make it lush, “disheveled” and trendy, or vice versa, in the staff room neatly arranged.

Multilayer haircut

Multilayer haircut

The length of the multilayer haircuts may also be different, so you can pick a single one that is right for you. With a bang as experiments are endless. It is possible to leave, but you can just do the same length as the other strands. (more…)