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Haircut «Garson»

Modern woman in this world often have to fight for a place under the sun. Therefore, the emergence of such a regularity haircuts as “waiter”. This haircut came from France. “Garson” in French means a boy.

Haircut - Garson

Haircut – Garson

Playful boy’s haircut has become, relevant in the twenties of the last century, when, during the emancipation not only became fashionable haircut a boy, but also in the women’s locker room there are many elements of male dress and style. Haircut “Garson” many consider a summer haircut because it emphasizes the benefit features. (more…)

Haircut «Gavroche»

Haircut “Gavroche” comes from haircuts “tennis”. In the sixties, it was the most colorful hairstyle. Today, the fashion of the last century gradually returns their lost positions. This is an interesting and original haircut, which is considered to be the base for any hairstyle, suitable for any type of face, hair density and length.

Haircut - Gavroche

Haircut – Gavroche

The distinguishing feature of this hairstyle – in the back of the hair remains long, and in front, on the top and sides are cut short. The hair can be combed while ago, do parting with any party bangs always emphasize the individuality of women. Very fashionable today haircut with side parting, especially if the woman thick straight hair. (more…)

Short haircuts for women

Fashion for short haircuts came into our world more than a hundred years ago. This trend has gained popularity because of the convenience. The first woman, who introduced the fashion of short hair was the most extravagant woman of his time – Coco Chanel. Although, as the story goes, she had short hair cut after unsuccessfully tried to do perm. Since then it was considered almost trendsetter, after its public appearance with short hair, all the women began to imitate her. Butch quickly won the hearts of fashionistas.

Short haircuts for women

Short haircuts for women

True, the first time the barbers had, a lot, to work hard. After all, that was a haircut ladies of all ages, such as face and hair structure, it was necessary to choose the form of haircuts. By the twentieth year invented thinning shears with which it was possible to make a hairstyle that is suitable for any woman’s head. (more…)

Hair makes us beautiful

Dear reader of the article you will learn how to create an image of human hair.

Hair – tube filamentous forms constitute a hair protective coating of the human body. In the culture of the peoples of the world create an image of human hair.

For example, in the slaveholding states (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome) wear long hair have the right to free citizens. Slaves sheared shaved “by zero”, or left them short hair.

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair

Thus, the hairstyle created image of forced (slave) is determined by social status (social status).

Mythology and legends create the characters, the description of which the role is performed hair.

Heroes of the myths and legends of ancient Greece are the Olympian gods. Ruler of Olympus Zeus light – winner Hundred Chapters Tryphon, which he sent back to Tartarus (Hell). (more…)