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Haircut «Knave»

Women’s Classic Cut “Knave” looks great on smooth, shiny and very thick hair. As a rule, she haircuts very young women and girls. There are two ways of laying this hairstyle.

Haircut - Knave

Haircut – Knave

The first – with curled tips and face. This option is ideal for those who want to emphasize the proportionality of an oval face. Stressing the oval face, neck and chin, she gives the woman of mystery and beauty, while hiding the wrong shape of the ears. (more…)

Haircut called «cap»

If a woman wants to look respectable and fashionable at the same time, the haircut “cap” for just such occasions. This haircut so named because it looks like a little cap on the head of a woman.

Haircut - Cap

Haircut – Cap

Mowing is the most versatile because it can be cut almost any woman, no matter what, age, type of face and hair structure. It is especially good for those who by nature curly hair, or at least they wavy permed. Haircut “cap” perfect hide any flaws such as hair thinness or lack of density. Ideal face shape have only a few women, so this hairstyle can hide weaknesses such as massive chin or cheekbones. (more…)

Haircut cascade

Not everyone knows that its birth “cascade” shall hairdresser Vidal Sessun English, who decided to elevate fashionable in the seventies of the twentieth century punk style. Get two versions of hairstyles, one of which he called a “cascade”, the second is called “hedgehog”.

Haircut cascade

Haircut cascade

Cascade – a very common haircut, which is now considered a classic. In the seventies – eighties this haircut experienced a real boom. This haircut and wore a student and professor. It is suitable for almost all types of faces, the only difference – it differently placed. The advantages of this hairstyle is also the fact that it is very easy to install and styling keeps its shape for a long time. Texture and density of hair for this hairstyle is also irrelevant. (more…)

Short haircuts for women

Fashion for short haircuts came into our world more than a hundred years ago. This trend has gained popularity because of the convenience. The first woman, who introduced the fashion of short hair was the most extravagant woman of his time – Coco Chanel. Although, as the story goes, she had short hair cut after unsuccessfully tried to do perm. Since then it was considered almost trendsetter, after its public appearance with short hair, all the women began to imitate her. Butch quickly won the hearts of fashionistas.

Short haircuts for women

Short haircuts for women

True, the first time the barbers had, a lot, to work hard. After all, that was a haircut ladies of all ages, such as face and hair structure, it was necessary to choose the form of haircuts. By the twentieth year invented thinning shears with which it was possible to make a hairstyle that is suitable for any woman’s head. (more…)