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Women at all times sought to look well-groomed and beautiful. However, to achieve such a result often has to sacrifice considerable amount of time, and it is today a bustling time ?! Today we will talk about one of the ways to quickly transfiguration – a curling curls using curler.

Curlers - soft curlers

Curlers – soft curlers

Curlers – a kind of soft curlers. Previously, they were made from pieces of cloth, well, today this no longer need, as there are as soft, but stronger and more durable materials: rubber and foam. By the way, thanks to its soft curlers and loved the fair sex, because unlike conventional curlers with them very comfortable to sleep, they practically do not interfere. (more…)


The most popular tool for hair, of course, is the comb. We all use it every day, but that’s just fundamentally to the choice of the subject is not for everyone, but in vain. Because of how well made this choice depends the health and condition of hair.



So, the correct comb should be comfortable, heat-resistant and does not scratch the scalp. As a rule, such requirements are met by only a hairbrush made of natural materials. They are durable, not electrified, and often still are healing. For example, a comb made of birch activates the absorption of nutrients hair and comb oak calms the scalp. (more…)

Selection shearing depending on the type and structure of the facial hair

There are different types of people who have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know not only the type of your face to find the right hairstyle, but also take into account its shape (triangular, round, oval, square) as well as the structure of the hair (thick, curly, thin).

Selection of haircuts

Selection of haircuts

Thus, for the round type of person suited elongated haircut, but if the hair is thin, then from such haircuts have yet to give up. In such cases, the bulk haircut, that is necessary to increase the amount of hair and in those places where it is needed: locks of hair to cover the cheeks, forehead open, avoid symmetry. But if hair is thick and thick, you can leave long hair or curl into ringlets. (more…)