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Spray hair at home

Hairspray – fluid that helps moisturize the hair. It is only necessary to moisturize brittle and dry hair. At home, you can prepare a spray for shine and smoothness, styling, hair strengthening. And each of these funds will be his destiny. Some are used every day, and some 1-2 times a week.

The basis of any spray is a mineral or thermal water. Also need a spray bottle (any).

Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Spray for shine
For its preparation should be mixed with 100 ml of water, 7 drops of essential oils of orange, gialuronka 5 ml 1%, 5 drops of an essential oil of rosemary and ylang and 100 ml cyclomethicone (to improve spray atomization). Ready means used during installation, but not more than three times a week. (more…)

Hair balm

The very word “balm” resembles something natural and rich. Even in the dictionary may be found balsam designation as a natural resinous material which is enriched with essential oils. The main objective is to provide a comprehensive balm and a serious effect to the hair. The composition of balsams often includes various plant extracts, proteins, oils (soy proteins, wheat, silk, milk), as well as mineral component.

Balm on the basis of honey

Balm on the basis of honey

Balsam should nourish, moisturize, heal the hair and scalp. Components that are part of the balsam, appearing on the hair after washing, get into flakes hair, nourish their rod and keratin smooth surface, so hair get a beautiful, healthy glow. (more…)

How to make your hair thicker?

Many experts claim that it is impossible to make hair thicker. But in reality it is not so. The fact that everything depends not only on what lies in the density of hair you genetically, but also on your lifestyle, proper nutrition, proper hair care, as well as the presence or absence of physical activity. And if your head of hair density of any of these factors had an impact, it is possible to increase. How? Read below.

Thick hair

Thick hair

The medical approach
If you feel that your hair has lost its former thickness, then you should consult a doctor, trihologu. Typically, in such cases, the doctor will prescribe a course of massage scalp with oils.

In general, the mask can be done independently, is enough to put the essential oil, vitamin A and E on the hair and leave for half an hour, do not forget to periodically massage the head.

Tips hairdressers
Make hair thicker, at least visually, you can use a good haircut or styling, as well as using the build-up.

To treat the same hair hairdressers recommend to use a shampoo with silk proteins, as well as air conditioning with a maximum content of natural ingredients.

Traditional medicine
Mix in a ratio of 1: 1: 2 castor oil, burdock oil and lemon juice, rub into the scalp and a quarter of an hour rinse.

Grind in a coffee grinder 2 tablespoons dried sage leaves, mint, basil and rosemary, add a 5 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil and 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. Leave the mixture to infuse for 2 weeks. Then dilute tincture of a small amount of water, rubbed into the roots of the hair and left to soak for a day, then rinse.