Trendy hairstyles and make-up secrets…

Haircuts for long hair

Long hair is a sign of beauty, grooming and above all – health.

One of the trendiest long hairstyles is the stage at which the hair of different lengths go from short hair (on the top) for long. This hairstyle can be asymmetric or smooth, straight or slanting bangs, smooth or volume.

Long hairstyle

Long hairstyle

Always relevant is the haircut and “ladder” in which short strands are moving into long. It is suitable for long and straight hair, but not very good looks at the unruly, frizzy. This hairstyle gives the hair volume, easy to install both in everyday and in the evening (holiday) hairstyle.

Increasingly popular today become ragged haircut. Ragged ends of her hair to make all of the above types of haircuts.

Always remain in fashion as smooth straight hair with bangs to her eyebrows. Bangs should be smooth and straight. To smooth hair, you can use pad, and create waves using a nozzle can “ripple”. But, you must remember that the undulation should begin at the end of the bangs.

There are hair-cap (it is characterized by the fact that short hair fall on longer) and elongated bob-bob, which can be combined with a bang or be without it.

Enumerating hairstyles for long hair, you should name a multi-level and asymmetric options. They look elegant and interesting. These creative long hairstyle provide various types of bangs – triangular, oblique and straight.

And that hair looked neat and tidy in any hairstyle, it is important for them to properly care – wash and cut the split ends.