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Haircut «Sassoon»

In the sixties of the last century fashion haircuts marked a new direction, which has excited all fashionistas. The culprit of this shocking was the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. Mowing caught under that name, immortalized the name of its creator. Represented then this haircut young model named Twiggy. Mowing is what sets her eyes on the huge background lean face.

Grooming - Sassoon

Grooming – Sassoon

Naturally, for the correction, and a haircut “Sassoon” was no exception. On the one hand, strictly following the canons of classics today stylists bring your vision of the haircut, for example, by light, soft, asymmetrical touches that make a new haircut.

If a woman needs a versatile option haircut, the “Sassoon” this is what we need. Easy to care for women of all ages. Haircut easily recognizable by a little twisted strands and laying enough volume in the neck. Obligatory bang, and it should be very thick, round contour haircut. The hair is usually straight, shiny. Ideally, this hairstyle is suitable for women with oval face type. For owners with a round shape is best to make a sharp bang.

The classical form of the haircuts profitable hide some flaws appearance. For example, if a woman is dissatisfied with the shape of ears, this haircut just for her. But, for those who have large features, it is better to choose a different haircut, hairstyle as “Sassoon” for them categorically contraindicated. Shade of hair coloring should be selected in accordance with the natural color of the woman. The best thing to do is simply highlights. Then haircut acquire the mystery and will be beneficial to allocate its possessor among other women.

At first glance, this may seem a hairstyle is very simple. But as they say, simplicity has originality. Some confuse “Sassoon” and the classic bob. However, these two shearing fundamentally different from each other. The boundary-value line is not horizontally but at a slight angle. She then called the hallmark of the classic “Sassoon”.