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Haircut called «cap»

If a woman wants to look respectable and fashionable at the same time, the haircut “cap” for just such occasions. This haircut so named because it looks like a little cap on the head of a woman.

Haircut - Cap

Haircut – Cap

Mowing is the most versatile because it can be cut almost any woman, no matter what, age, type of face and hair structure. It is especially good for those who by nature curly hair, or at least they wavy permed. Haircut “cap” perfect hide any flaws such as hair thinness or lack of density. Ideal face shape have only a few women, so this hairstyle can hide weaknesses such as massive chin or cheekbones.

This haircut as an option for the business woman who must always look elegant and well appointed, and the difficult time laying sorely lacking. Mowing always looks nice and original, and it can be combed. There are many options, most importantly, to know how to do it. Cap can be done in different ways. For example, to cut a person in a semicircle, the upper part is made in the form of caps, and the lower left long, can be completely bare neck. It all depends on desire.

Haircut “cap” is usually chosen by those who have short hair, but recently this haircut interested in those who have hair length below the shoulders. If a woman wanted to have long hair, and this takes time, so they had grown, the haircut cap godsend. Volume haircut can always be added using coloring or highlighting. Thus it is possible to paint in any color, colors depends on the willingness of women. When coloring hair can be creative. For example, to create an asymmetrical cap.