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Haircut «Knave»

Women’s Classic Cut “Knave” looks great on smooth, shiny and very thick hair. As a rule, she haircuts very young women and girls. There are two ways of laying this hairstyle.

Haircut - Knave

Haircut – Knave

The first – with curled tips and face. This option is ideal for those who want to emphasize the proportionality of an oval face. Stressing the oval face, neck and chin, she gives the woman of mystery and beauty, while hiding the wrong shape of the ears.

Second – absolutely straight strands. Typically, these models are suitable for young and sporty girl, and if the strands carelessly scattered on the head, then this little trick will give the image a little girl mischief and wickedness. A distinctive feature of this hairstyle – a thick smooth, well-trimmed bangs, straight hair the same length. When laying haircuts must be applied a little mousse and put with a brush or hair dryer. The ends of the hair usually tighten up inside, although there are options and out.

A classic example – the famous French singer haircut – Mireille Mathieu. Haircut to look more volume, you can use coloring or highlighting, and shades should be sharp. The only drawback of this haircut – is that it is often necessary to trim haircut and prevent regrowth strand line and the most bang hairstyle should always be clear, otherwise haircut will look untidy and unkempt. Hair should ideally be straight and rigid. Length haircuts also varies from short to medium shoulder. The classic version haircuts “page” – to the chin and make sure the tips curled inward.