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Haircut «Gavroche»

Haircut “Gavroche” comes from haircuts “tennis”. In the sixties, it was the most colorful hairstyle. Today, the fashion of the last century gradually returns their lost positions. This is an interesting and original haircut, which is considered to be the base for any hairstyle, suitable for any type of face, hair density and length.

Haircut - Gavroche

Haircut – Gavroche

The distinguishing feature of this hairstyle – in the back of the hair remains long, and in front, on the top and sides are cut short. The hair can be combed while ago, do parting with any party bangs always emphasize the individuality of women. Very fashionable today haircut with side parting, especially if the woman thick straight hair. When painting can be done tree of a different color, and the haircut will become more expressive, highlights can be done in several shades.

In recent years it has become fashionable to handle your hair with a razor. This treatment gives some haircut “ragged” unique look at it as if frayed strands of hair will look original and impressive. Ambient sure to pay attention to such a haircut. Having a haircut “Gavroche”, you can show all sides of his imagination. It is in this hairstyle will look all organic and beautiful.

The biggest plus of this hairstyle is that it is organic with any outfit a woman with her you can feel and a boy – a bully and a modest schoolgirl and a mysterious stranger who has come down to our planet from distant worlds. If a woman lover business style, and here this hairstyle will show its possessor in the most favorable light. Who would not appeared girl who haircut “Gavroche”, it is sure to be charming.