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Haircut «Garson»

Modern woman in this world often have to fight for a place under the sun. Therefore, the emergence of such a regularity haircuts as “waiter”. This haircut came from France. “Garson” in French means a boy.

Haircut - Garson

Haircut – Garson

Playful boy’s haircut has become, relevant in the twenties of the last century, when, during the emancipation not only became fashionable haircut a boy, but also in the women’s locker room there are many elements of male dress and style. Haircut “Garson” many consider a summer haircut because it emphasizes the benefit features.

Especially she is blonde, and if the skin is tan acquired sea, the woman with a haircut most clearly stands out among her friends. Among the short haircuts is the easiest option and not burdensome. It is popular with those who do not want to spend time on styling and wants to always look beautiful and different. The hair can be straight and wavy, tousled and very smooth.

This hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs, combed back or side stab barrette. This hairstyle is very suitable for fragile women with delicate features. And also for those who have athletic build. But if a woman prefers this hairstyle, it must be remembered that opens the shoulders and neck, so you need to see these body parts were well maintained. Hair dye is best suited natural shades or slightly contrasting colors.

It is believed that haircut “waiter” is coming strong and energetic women, in some cases even a bit reckless. The first mention of this hairstyle appeared in 1922 in the book Victor Margeritta «LaGarcone».