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The most popular tool for hair, of course, is the comb. We all use it every day, but that’s just fundamentally to the choice of the subject is not for everyone, but in vain. Because of how well made this choice depends the health and condition of hair.



So, the correct comb should be comfortable, heat-resistant and does not scratch the scalp. As a rule, such requirements are met by only a hairbrush made of natural materials. They are durable, not electrified, and often still are healing. For example, a comb made of birch activates the absorption of nutrients hair and comb oak calms the scalp.

Material production is necessary to check not only the crest, but the handle comb. Considered the best pen, made of rubber or silicone, because it does not allow the comb to slip out of your hands while blow-drying. By the way, for packings are recommended circular comb with metal teeth.

No matter what material is made comb, all its edges shall be rounded, polished and polished. This comb will not scratch the scalp and will not “rip” your hair when combing.

In addition it is important to match the comb your hair type. For example, owners of long and coarse hair should prefer wide and rigid comb, curly beauty – Comb with plastic teeth rarely planted.

Oh, and do not forget that every three months comb needs to be changed, and observe her daily hygiene – wash.