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Selection shearing depending on the type and structure of the facial hair

There are different types of people who have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know not only the type of your face to find the right hairstyle, but also take into account its shape (triangular, round, oval, square) as well as the structure of the hair (thick, curly, thin).

Selection of haircuts

Selection of haircuts

Thus, for the round type of person suited elongated haircut, but if the hair is thin, then from such haircuts have yet to give up. In such cases, the bulk haircut, that is necessary to increase the amount of hair and in those places where it is needed: locks of hair to cover the cheeks, forehead open, avoid symmetry. But if hair is thick and thick, you can leave long hair or curl into ringlets.

For square faces are also suitable artificial or natural curls, as well as multi-haircut (haircut ladder or cascade).

For oval face bangs should be used, with a symmetrical shape, it will create a volume on the chin. But we must avoid short cuts and opening the face, as well as exactly cropped hair hanging down along the face and smooth hair.

For the triangular faces to narrow its upper part, actually use a side parting, oblique bangs. To the bottom of the face remained open better pay attention to short hairstyles with slightly curled hair.

Suitable for thin hair haircut from the ear lobe to the middle of the neck. Milling this type of hair is bad, but the bio or perming very nice. For long hair will suit any hairstyle, except for those that involve a well-defined structure. Well, for a suitable medium length curly hair and very short haircuts.

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