Trendy hairstyles and make-up secrets…


Women at all times sought to look well-groomed and beautiful. However, to achieve such a result often has to sacrifice considerable amount of time, and it is today a bustling time ?! Today we will talk about one of the ways to quickly transfiguration – a curling curls using curler.

Curlers - soft curlers

Curlers – soft curlers

Curlers – a kind of soft curlers. Previously, they were made from pieces of cloth, well, today this no longer need, as there are as soft, but stronger and more durable materials: rubber and foam. By the way, thanks to its soft curlers and loved the fair sex, because unlike conventional curlers with them very comfortable to sleep, they practically do not interfere.

Use these tools to create the hairstyle is quite simple. First you need to prepare the required number of popilotok, then moisten with a little hair (thus they should not be too wet) and divide them into 4 pieces (occipital, temporal and 2 the crown) and turn to wind each of them (in the order in which they were named). All you need to do very carefully, so how do you do at this stage will depend on all of your hair tomorrow. Why tomorrow? The fact that the hold on the hair curlers requires at least 5 hours, therefore, tend to produce this procedure overnight. At the end of the required time “curlers” unwind and curls give the desired look with the help of gel varnish, combs, etc.