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Eye makeup

Close-set eyes
If you are the owner of an eye, using a pencil, draw a line, which will continue to contour your eyes. The main thing that this line was not clear. To this blend it with a brush. At the middle and inner part of the eye, apply the shadow lighter shades, and in the outer zone, use the darker shade. Mascara should be applied to the outer corner of the eye lashes. Eyelashes need not pull up and towards the temples. On the inside of the eye lashes tint slightly. Eyebrows need to pull out a little, so that they were more subtle in the beginning, and the tip to extend with a pencil.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup

The widely spaced eyes
In this case, the eyes should be clearly delineated. Eyeliner contour should be completed at the border eyes without departing from the natural form. On the inner corners of the eyes, apply a medium shade and a dark color. Excellent will look tick drawn from the inner corner to the line of the eyebrows dark shadows. Do not apply dark colors on the border of the century. Mascara is recommended to apply to a greater extent on the lashes, which are located close to the inner corner. And the outer corner lashes, on the contrary, coloring slightly. Use an eyebrow pencil to bring a little eyebrows nose.

Deep-set eyes
The entire surface of the century to the crease applied the lightest shades of shadows. The plot is about a cover folds dark shadows, so as to share the eyelid into 2 parts. Fold itself does not need to allocate shadows, otherwise it will look too dramatic. If the distance from the eyebrows to the folds is small, it is necessary to shade shade closer to the eyebrows. However, under the eyebrow about 2 mm. must necessarily be light tone. Do not use dark and bright pencils and eyeliner and dark colors on the eyelid.

Protruding eyes
On the mobile eyelid applied darker shade. When using light shades with pearl eyes become more prominent. Dark tone better shade to the outer corners of the eye. Dark circle pencil lower eyelid.

Round eyes
If you have round eyes, then fit the same recommendations as for convex. Plus, the need to apply mascara to the eyelashes. To make the eyes elongated, extend the line beyond the boundaries of the eye.

Small eyes
Eye will be visually more if the center of the eye make the line thicker pencil 1.5 mm., And in the corners of her eyes not to do. The same effect can also be done using the shadows, to use a special brush. Be sure to curl your eyelashes to give the look openness and expressiveness.