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How to speed up hair growth?

A major role in the way any woman playing her hair. Someone’s personality emphasize short haircuts, and someone – long flowing hair. But what to do, so if you want to get hold of chic long hair, and they are well, just do not want to grow. The answer is simple – eat right, give up bad habits and take care of their hair.

Hair growth

Hair growth

Let’s start with the food. As much as it may sound cliche, but you need to eat properly, that is, to eat the food that contains a lot of vitamins, mineral trace elements and minerals. Only in this way will have your hair forces for growth. Pay attention to your diet were products containing zinc, calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, sulfur and silicon. Therefore, eat more seaweed, nuts, different cereals, milk, fruit, fish, poultry, drink plenty of fluids.

Forget about smoking. But hair care, pay close attention. Try to use less hairdryer and other instruments to create hairstyles and hair drying, use only sparing paint. And do not forget to visit the hairdresser every month for grooming tips. The more often you’ll trim them, the faster your hair will grow. Well, if you have to do it at the growing moon, as astrologers advise.

Oh, and most importantly – try less nervous, because stress – the most harmful factor not only for the hair, but also in general for the whole organism.