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How to cope with split ends?

Split ends, in medicine “trihoptiloz” – a disease characterized by the disturbance of the internal structure of the hair. As a rule, it occurs due to improper hair care, permanent staining, non-uniform along the length of the hair supply, weather conditions or due to improper stowage.

Split ends

Split ends

Get rid of split ends, you can use:

You just go to the barber shop and ask the wizard to cut the hair ends at a level to split ends is no more. Fast, but not quite effective, as you eliminate the only manifestation of the disease rather than its cause. And it may well be that in a month you will again encounter the same problem. Want to protect yourself from this, do not usual, but termostrizhku.

Changes in lifestyle and diet
Get plenty of rest, eat fruits and fresh vegetables, drink vitamins, make sure that your menu was more foods containing zinc, iodine and vitamins, and then you forget what it is, split ends.

Use only high-quality tools for hair care
Apply only to the hair quality cosmetics, it is better professionally designed specifically for dry hair. Giving preference to one or other means, always remember the saying: miser pays twice.

Folk Medicine
Do for your hair mask on the basis of almond, olive or burdock oil. As a rinse using infusions of chamomile, lime, mint leaves and birch.

Listen to these recommendations, and very soon your hair will capture the views of others with their beauty and health.