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From what made our hair?

Article for curious people who want to learn about the structure of the hair.

Hair is considered to be a beautiful gift to man by nature. But with this gift must learn to handle to keep it for many years of his life. Hair Care requires human knowledge and competent actions.

The structure of the hair

The structure of the hair

The invention of the microscope allowed scientists to determine the structure of the hair. Hair is composed of three parts: the visible part of the hair – is the core. The hair root (bulb) is under the skin. The bulb is placed in the hair follicles (follicles). The shape of the follicle depends on the type of hair:
– If a person round the follicle, the hair is straight.
– Oval follicle – slightly curly hair.
– Kidney-shaped follicle – curly hair.

The hair shaft is composed of two layers and the center. The outer layer is called the cuticle.

The structure of the cuticle: tightly packed scales that protect hair from external influences.

A second layer disposed beneath the cuticle, called the cortex (cortex), which consists of dead cells, but does hair elastic. In the cortex located melanin (pigment substance), it colors the hair in a certain color.

Center contains hair medulla, which contains keratin cells and air spaces. According to scientists across the medulla to the cortex is receiving power and cuticles.

Nothing in the human body is not autonomous. The sebaceous glands of the skin secrete a lubricant in the follicles. Grease protects the root and the hair shaft. It makes the surface of the cuticle flat, smooth, helps hair retain moisture, maintain flexibility.

Throughout the life of the hair is constantly growing. The growth cycle of hair consists of three parts (steps). In the first stage, the hair is growing rapidly.

The duration of the first stage from 2 to 4 years.

In the second stage of the hair growth ceases, but the cells continue to perform its functions (15-20 days). In the third stage the hair stops growing, falls and in its place there is a new one. Changing hair takes approximately 90-120 days.

Thus, dear reader of this article, we learned about the structure of the hair. Knowledge will be useful to every reader in choosing hair care.