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Hair Dryer

To date, hair dryer is one of the most popular tools for hair styling. The main criteria by which to judge its quality – is: power, light and noise.

Dryer Bosch

Dryer Bosch

So, hair dryer to work quietly, but at the same time the supply air jet must be strong. As for power, then the professional models, it starts with a mark of 1,600 watts. However, for home use this tool to acquire better with less power. Since the regular drying hair very strong hairdryer harms the health of hair, which leads to their increased fragility.

Also, keep the beauty and health of the hair can be, to use the tool in which the heating elements are made of ceramics. After all metal and plastic deprive hair of moisture, which leads to dullness and brittleness. Not the best way affect the hair and positive ions, so it is important that the hair dryer was present function of ionization – negative ions moisturize hair, scales smooth out your hair that will give your hair a natural shine.

Furthermore dryer should be easy to use. For example, we all know that dry your hair should, alternating hot air with cold, hence the toggle button temperature and flow rate of air should be located so that they could use it, not looking up from the drying process.

When working with a hairdryer should be located no closer than 30 inches from hair and spray air must be parallel to the growth of hair – from the roots to the tips.

Here, perhaps, all that needs to know the beauty of each such instrument for hair styling, hair dryer.