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What can wash your hair?

Many people do not even realize that the hair can be done not only clean shampoo. But it was not always so.

Washing hair

Washing hair

Shampoo appeared in our everyday life only at the beginning of the XX century and immediately became our salvation. But he was and still is one big disadvantage – is that along with the dirt and grease it washes away from the hair, and a protective layer of fat. Besides the components it contains very aggressive effect on the scalp, to which the latter responds to even greater isolation «protective fat». The result is a fat-dried roots and at the tips (ibid fat layer does not filled) hair. And the abundance of modern cosmetic products, including shampoos, a large number of chemicals are also not the best way affects the condition and health of the hair, and the whole of our body.

So if you really care about your hair, at least occasionally replace shampoo tested folk remedies. Here are a few examples of these substitutions:
– Brewed dry mustard
– A pinch of borax mixed with beaten egg
– A few drops of camphor oil, diluted with beaten egg yolk chicken (recommended for oily hair)
– Bread crust, soaked with warm water
– Soda solution, it is a tablespoon in a glass of water (it, by the way, it is recommended to use a complex with the air conditioning of apple cider vinegar, prepared in the same proportion)