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Hair iron

Pad – quite a popular tool for hair styling today. It is used to make hair smooth, shiny and smooth, hence, perhaps, such an interesting name.

Although its use is not regular manner best effect on hair. Therefore, when you select it is necessary to consider some points.

Pad from Philips

Pad from Philips

Size ironing must match the length of your hair. So for short hair is justified using the tool plates with narrow width of less than 3 centimeters. The length of the hair in front of more suitable irons with wide plates (3-5 inches), so allow a shorter amount of time to cover a larger area. (more…)

Curling Hair

Many men simply adore when their second halves long, well arranged, with a healthy shine. And at the same time, they believe that the luxury of nature endowed girls, and they do nothing for did not. But this statement is totally wrong, because healthy, silky and flowing hair – is the result of constant and daily care.

A set of hair straighteners

A set of hair straighteners

To create perfect hairstyles for perfect hair requires special devices: hair iron and curling irons. Curling has long since there are in the arsenal of professional hairdressers, and at home in most women they are too. (more…)


Women at all times sought to look well-groomed and beautiful. However, to achieve such a result often has to sacrifice considerable amount of time, and it is today a bustling time ?! Today we will talk about one of the ways to quickly transfiguration – a curling curls using curler.

Curlers - soft curlers

Curlers – soft curlers

Curlers – a kind of soft curlers. Previously, they were made from pieces of cloth, well, today this no longer need, as there are as soft, but stronger and more durable materials: rubber and foam. By the way, thanks to its soft curlers and loved the fair sex, because unlike conventional curlers with them very comfortable to sleep, they practically do not interfere. (more…)

Hair Dryer

To date, hair dryer is one of the most popular tools for hair styling. The main criteria by which to judge its quality – is: power, light and noise.

Dryer Bosch

Dryer Bosch

So, hair dryer to work quietly, but at the same time the supply air jet must be strong. As for power, then the professional models, it starts with a mark of 1,600 watts. However, for home use this tool to acquire better with less power. Since the regular drying hair very strong hairdryer harms the health of hair, which leads to their increased fragility.

Also, keep the beauty and health of the hair can be, to use the tool in which the heating elements are made of ceramics. After all metal and plastic deprive hair of moisture, which leads to dullness and brittleness. (more…)


The most popular tool for hair, of course, is the comb. We all use it every day, but that’s just fundamentally to the choice of the subject is not for everyone, but in vain. Because of how well made this choice depends the health and condition of hair.



So, the correct comb should be comfortable, heat-resistant and does not scratch the scalp. As a rule, such requirements are met by only a hairbrush made of natural materials. They are durable, not electrified, and often still are healing. For example, a comb made of birch activates the absorption of nutrients hair and comb oak calms the scalp. (more…)