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Hair balm

The very word “balm” resembles something natural and rich. Even in the dictionary may be found balsam designation as a natural resinous material which is enriched with essential oils. The main objective is to provide a comprehensive balm and a serious effect to the hair. The composition of balsams often includes various plant extracts, proteins, oils (soy proteins, wheat, silk, milk), as well as mineral component.

Balm on the basis of honey

Balm on the basis of honey

Balsam should nourish, moisturize, heal the hair and scalp. Components that are part of the balsam, appearing on the hair after washing, get into flakes hair, nourish their rod and keratin smooth surface, so hair get a beautiful, healthy glow. Moistening the hair structure, balm makes hair elastic, soft. Such rapid means, such as rinse-balm contain a lower concentration of active substances.

In using balms are very simple. They need to be spread on the hair and not the scalp and wash off after a while. In its purest form, balms restore the structure of hair and hair roots. Some types of balms can even stimulate hair growth. Using this tool will provide hair beauty and ease of combing.

Remember: balm should not be too liquid, weigh down the hair and irritate the scalp. It should have a prophylactic and curative effect, and easily applied uniformly throughout the length of hair, and have neutral flavor.