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Lipstick for brunettes: select color

Often to give the image a dark-haired beauties stage lacks only the correctly chosen lipstick. What it should be, you will learn by reading this article.

Let’s start with the fact that the color of a suitable lipstick is largely determined by what kind of hair color is dark-haired beauty: light brown, brown or jet black.

Lipstick for brunettes

Lipstick for brunettes

So, the first type of brunettes – a girl with hair jet black color. Them not to get lost against the background of its bright appearance, it is necessary to give preference to pink tones close to ruby, day and dark red, crimson shades – in the evening. This recommendation for most black-haired beauties, but there are (rare, but still) a girl with very dark hair and light eyes. (more…)

Lipstick for blondes: choose the color

Every woman knows that using only one lipstick can add their own image of charm, but you can on the contrary, make it vulgar or tasteless. How not to be mistaken with the choice of lipstick and some prefer to tell this article.

Lipstick for blondes

Lipstick for blondes

Let’s start with the fact that the blond blonde discord and lipstick suit them different. Therefore, we first define some tsvetotip blonde beauties, their hair color are three: Ash, honey or wheat blonde and brown hair.

Ashy blonde when choosing lipstick preference should be given pink and peach shades, so they should always be present beautician beige-pink, yellow-pink and pink lipstick. (more…)